Oldfield - 1910

This image of Barney Oldfield appeared in the Indianapolis Sun on May 25, 1910 as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway prepared for its first full-fledged Memorial Day race weekend. It was also the first official race meet at the Brickyard even though the newly paved track had a debut with the December 1909 time trials.
The cutline references a controversy concerning Oldfield's negotiations with the Speedway founders over an appearance fee. As you can see this report suggests he was asking for $5,000. In the end the two parties reached an agreement and Oldfield came to the Speedway with his world land speed record-setting Blitzen Benz. He also was entered in a Knox stock car by the Conduitt Automobile Company, a local sales dealership. Oldfield had recently spent a long weekend in Chicago.
Here is some relevant content concerning Oldfield's appearance at the Speedway for the 1910 Memorial Day events:

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