Oldfield Green Dragon

I found this pen and ink drawing from a newspaper clip in Barney Oldfield's personal scrapbook. It depicts Oldfield at the wheel of one his most famous racers, the Peerless Green Dragon. Oldfield actually drove as many as four versions of the Green Dragon, as two of the cars were destroyed in spectacular accidents.
The art was created in 1904 and I have no idea who the artist was. I reviewed the scrapbook on scratched-up microfilm, made photocopies and then scanned it onto digital media. After that I cleaned it up in Windows image editor. When this Web site was designed, the graphic artist took this image and incorporated it into the look of this site by placing it at the bottom of my home page. I love the idea of "rescuing" content buried in library archives and casting it out onto the Internet for the world to see. What a great thing to bring the work of another person to the surface again after more than 100 years.

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