Overland Automobile Company Crew

I received this photo from Nancy Netter, a "fan" of firstsuperspeedway.com. She's interested in any information about its origin. She's got me curious as well. Nancy is a distant cousin of Carl Baumhofer who worked at the Overland Automobile Company in 1910. If lieu of any other information, Nancy would like to simply confirm this is a photo of Overland mechanics/employees.
Nancy believes these men worked on the unique Overland "Wind Wagon," which ran exhibition races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in June 1910 during the Speedway's great aviation show. Carl Baumhofer drove the Wind Wagon on that occasion in a strange "race" with pilot Walter Brookins who flew around the track directly above Baumhofer. Brookins was flying a plane entered by the famed Wright Brothers. Baumhofer is described as the "head tester" of cars at Overland in articles I have found and are archived on this Web site. Check out this article that mentions the exhibition competition between Brookins and Baumhofer.
As a footnote, a great place for information on the Hoosier automotive industry of days gone by is the Cruise Indiana Web site. If you know anything about this photo or can confirm that it is indeed the Overland crew, please comment below or contact me through e-mail. Thanks for any assistance!

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