Peter DePaolo, 1925 Indianapolis 500

This is another great perspective piece from artist David Story. This outstanding sketch captures an image of 1925 Indianapolis 500 winner Peter DePaolo in his Duesenberg racecar. 
For better legibility, here are the margin notes Story developed to support his art:
"Peter DePaolo's Duesenberg was just about the fastest car on the American speedway racing scene in 1925. The hard driving DePaolo was a major contributor to the performance of the Duesenberg. The Indy 500 started poorly for DePaolo as he stalled his car at the starting line as the race began. Midway through the race he needed to come into the pits suffering from severely blistered hands. He returned to the race after missing 21 laps in 5th place. DePaolo drove hard and regained the lead on lap 173 when an exhausted Dave Lewis bungled his pit stop. After that DePaolo could not be caught. He was the first driver to average over 100 mph for the entire race. His record would stand for seven years."
David also prepared a sidebar on driver Leon Duray:
"Harry Miller's front wheel drive car, driven by Leon Duray, was the fastest qualifier in the 1925 Indy 500. The front wheel drive Miller was a bombshell of engineering and styling. The car set new standards for the auto industry from its front wheel drive to its long low hood line."
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