Ray Harroun - Marmon Wasp Sketch

This is another great perspective piece from artist David Story. This outstanding sketch includes some interesting notes he has made in the margin. The car is the race winning Marmon Wasp and at the wheel is its famous driver Ray Harroun who retired after the crowning glory of his career. The Marmon company (Nordyke & Marmon at the time) also retired from racing following the historic victory and, recognizing its significance, preserved the car for decades before presenting it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.
While many believe the Wasp was designed for the of the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911, but it was not. The machine had actually enjoyed a tremendous victory at the Speedway almost exactly one year prior in the 1910 Wheeler-Schebler 250-mile race. It was wrecked on the third turn of the oval after a tire let go during practice two days later. Almost totaled, the company decided to repair the damage and it obviously returned to competition in fine form.
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