Ray Keech 1929

This is David Story's rendering of 1929 Indianapolis 500 winner Ray Keech. Keech lost his life just two weeks after his biggest victory while racing on the board track at Altoona. In addition to his "500" victory, he set the world land speed record with a speed of over 200 mph at Daytona.
Below are the margin notes David composed to support his art:
"Motor Racing has always been a dangerous sport. Ray Keech's victory celebration in the 1929 Indy 500 was short-lived. Keech was killed 16 days later at the Altoona board track in Pennsylvania. He became the third winner of the Indy 500 to lose his life at Altoona. Howdy Wilcox and Joe Boyer were the others.
Memorial Day 1929, 160,000 people watched for the fourth successive year a rookie, Ray Keech, win the Indy 500. Ray Keech and defending champion Louis Meyer finished one-two. Both men drove Millers, originally developed by Frank Lockhart. After Lockhart's death in a 1928 world land speed record attempt the cars were purchased by M.A. Yagle and Alden Samson. Keech drove Yagle's car and Meyer drove the Samson's. As the race developed it looked like Meyer was going to repeat. He was comfortably out in front late in the race. When his engine lost oil pressure Meyer limped into the pits. By the time Meyer returned to the race Ray Keech had the lead and kept it until the end of the race."
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