Stillman, Marmon in December 1909

This is an image artifact of a photograph of driver Harry Stillman first appeared in the December 17, 1909, Indianapolis News as part of that day's coverage of the first time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the 2.5 mile oval was paved with 3.2 million bricks. Stillman was bundled up against the biting cold.
Here's the caption that ran with the photo on that magical day.
"Thousands of people doubtlessly have marveled that attempts should be made to break all automobile records during the present cold weather. As many expressed the opinion that it would be impossible to withstand the cold at such high speed. However, the drivers are dressed for the occasion. Not an inch of their faces is exposed. They have goggles and their features are so completely encased that they have the appearance of wearing tight-fitting masks. They also wear the warmest gloves obtainable."

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