Stoddard-Dayton at Glenns Valley Hill Climb

This image supported an Indianapolis News report published May 25, 1906 on the the Glenns Valley hill climb - the first such contest held in Indianapolis. The event took place the day prior. I want to note that this contest was conducted within a week of the Decoration Day races held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Indianapolis-based Leaders in the automotive realm were establishing their "ownership" of the month of May in the Hoosier capital. The spectator count was an estimated 500 people. Every car ran the same distance - 440 yards, a quarter mile. Telephones at the starting line and at the finish facilitated accuracy of timing.
Pictured here is Frank Moore in the Fisher Automobile Company-entered Stoddard-Dayton who was second fast on the day with a time of 32.2 seconds. The company later promoted their success in advertising. Here's an excerpt from the article that beautifully describes the setting.
"When the big machine reached the top of the hill it seemed to leave the ground like a rocket, but when the dust had cleared away it was seen to have landed on all fours and to be ambling peacefully along."
Keep in mind that just months earlier Carl Fisher, owner of the dealership, drove to victory in the Mudlavia Spings Hill Climb.
The star of the meet was Edgar Apperson who made the best time up the hill to do the quarter mile (10 percent grade) in 31.2 seconds in his Apperson stock car. There were 41 starters in the competition.

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