Strang, "Scorcher" at Rest

This image was published in the December 12, 1909, Sunday Indianapolis Star. It shows star driver Lewis Strang at the wheel of his "Giant" 200 HP Fiat racer that he drove in the December 17-18 time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This was the first high-speed event held at the track after it was paved with 3.2 million bricks. Check out an image of Strang in this racer setting records on the bricks at this event elsewhere on First Super Speedway. This image was one of several that complemented an article discussing the upcoming trials on the same Sunday.
The reference to "scorcher" in the title to this post is a nod to the newspapermen and railbirds of the day that referred to drivers of fast cars as "scorchers." The story of Strang's "Giant" Fiat appears elsewhere on First Super Speedway. In 1910 Ralph DePalma succeeded Strang as the driver of this great car.

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