Tombstone of Homer Joliff

This is a picture of a tombstone discovered by racing fan Jim McCann who shared it with me through long-time Indianapolis Motor Speedway official Richard McComb. The grave marker is for Homer Joliff, one of the two spectators killed (the other was James West) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the final day - August 21 - of the track's inaugural race meet in 1909.
Note that the spelling of the name on the tombstone and the spelling of the name in the article are different. For now it is a mystery that would be nice to reconcile. Mr. Joliff's grave is located in Nineveh, Indiana in a cemetery located at the Southwest corner of Country Road 750 and Country Road 125 (Peoga Road).
Read the article - the story of Joliff's death is particularly fateful in that he was at the Speedway with his employer, they had turned to leave but Joliff decided at the last moment to run back to the edge of the track saying he just wanted one more look. Joliff was caught up in a terrible accident that put the future of the Speedway in question and steered track management toward making the investment to pave it with bricks. 

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