Sensational Coverage of Final Day

This package is a priceless collection of details about the final day of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first auto racing meet. Lots of sensational detail describes the tragic death of three people: a riding mechanic and two spectators during the 300-mile Wheeler-Schebler Trophy Race. Confusion reigned as Claude Kellum, the riding mechanic who perished had originally started the race with driver Johnny Aitken, transitioned to his National Motor Vehicle Company teammate Charlie Merz' car in a fluke stop for repairs. Also, one of the spectators who was killed by Merz' errant car, James West, was misidentified and another family suffered for hours before the mistake was cleared up.
A colorful sidebar describes how the other spectator, Homer Jolliff had turned to go home, but returned to a spot near the wood and wire fence at exactly the wrong time. Also, there are numerous images (poor quality, but useful) of the cars, the accidents and the people affected. Good race summaries provide lots of outstanding information. Indispensible reading for a historian of this subject. Everything is laced with a sensational theme, with some excessive descriptions of the carnage - a reflection of journalism in that time.
These articles appeared in the August 22, 1909, Indianapolis Star.

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