Lt. Governor Seeks to Outlaw Racing

Published August 26, 1910 this file has a headshot of Lieutenant Governor Frank J. Hall with cutline. Hall sought a special session of the state legislature to issue a ban against auto racing. You can find this image as a jpeg elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
Hall's position was in response to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's tragic  first auto racing event. These races were controversial due to the devestating fatal accidents on the first and third days of the meet. In all, five men were killed:

The original caption for the image reads as follows:
"Rushville, Ind., Aug. 25 - Lieutenant Governor Frank J. Hall is strongly opposed to automobile racing in Indiana and believes the Governor would be justified in calling a special session of the legislature to pass a law prohibiting this sport.
'They talk of bull fights in Mexico,' said Mr. Hall, 'but did you ever hear of several people being killed in a bull fight? And yet, right here in Indiana, great crowds go out to witness an event in which it may be expected that human life may be sacrificed."

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