National Enters First IMS Races

This article first appeared in the July 13, 1909 Indianapolis Star and discusses the entries of the National Motor Vehicle Company in the first automobile races ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The article reports that Arthur Newby, president of National, is named as the entrant. Newby, of course, was also one of the four founders of the Speedway.
According to the article two of the cars were enterd in the Prest-O-Lite Trophy race while two others were for the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race. These were two of the most important events of the race meet which involved several contests.
The article speculated that two of the drivers would include Barney Oldfield and Johnny Aitken. While Aitken was a National employee the writer's understanding of Oldfield's relationship with National is not informed. Oldfield was an independent operator and ran his own race team. He had recently purchased and began campaigning a National machine which he named "Old Glory."

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