Ready to Race at Indy

This article ran the day before the first auto race race meet on August 17, 1909. It's a very interesting summary of how the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway was groomed for its first big events. Colorful language that helps you picture the setting including details such as three thousand hitching posts for horses. Also, good information on the work of the race teams.
An excerpt demonstrates my point: "Forty-one buildings including grandstands, garages, aerodromes, clubhouses, machine shops, repair buildings, oilhouses and refreshment buildings are being occupied. Flags, representing all nationalities, are floating from the roofs. The white track is beautifully contrasted against the thick coat of green sod that covers every inch of the parking space and the outer banks of the curves."
The Speedway had come a long way in a few short months. In March grading wagons drawn by mules worked with steam engines to develop 328 acres of farmland into the most advanced auto speedway in the United States.

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