Chicago Caravan to the Speedway

This article was published in the August 8, 1909 Indianapolis Star and centers on the excitement of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association about the first automobile races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway coming up 11 days hence.
Fueling the excitement was the Speedway's gesture in showcasing their new premier prize: the Wheeler Schebler Trophy, a sterling silver behemoth cup designed by Tiffany. Thomas J. Hay, President of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association and manager of the loal Ford dealership on 1444 Michigan Avenue displayed in his showroom window.
The trade association was organizing a tour to Indianapolis that some predicted would be larger than even the recently conducted Glidden Tour. Chicago Auto Club officer Charles P. Root, the man who would succeed Fred J. Wagner as starter of the 1913 Indianapolis 500, was appointed to drive the "trailblazing" or "confetti car" that would venture out hours ahead of the tourist to scatter confetti to mark the planned path to Indianapolis.
The article provides a "Googlefest" of names for the researcher. This is a list of men that were either dealership owners or prominent automobile owners. On the list is Webb Jay, who managed the offices of Premier Motor Manufacturing Company in Chicago.

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