Early Entries for First IMS Races

This article was published in the July 28, 1909 Indianapolis Star and reports that entries for the upcoming first auto race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway were being filed at a rapid pace. At this point there were 29 cars entered from seven different manufacturers with Stoddard-Dayton of Dayton, Ohio, leading the way. Other manufacturers with entries (with city and number of cars) by this date were:

The article also highlights some of the better known drivers expected to take part: Barney Oldfield, Ralph Mulford, Al Dennison, Charles Stutz, Johnny Aitken and Harris Henshue. More detail is provided such as a note about how the roads leading to the track was well oiled and a covering over the grandstands had been constructed to protect spectators from "sweltering sun."
Note, too, that Speedway Contest Director Ernie Moross was preparing to leave for the East Coast. It is appears he was headed to New York for meetings with the American Automobile Association (AAA) about the staff of officials to conduct the upcoming race meet. I also believe Moross intended to visit some of the import companies for foreign marques such as Benz and Fiat to encourage their participation.

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