Opening Day, Gold-Plated Auto

This package contains articles that ran the Indianapolis Star the morning of the first day of the first automobile races at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The articles provided an overview of the planned schedule of events for the first day of the race meet: August 19, 1909. One is a listing of drivers and cars that were scheduled to be in specific events for that day.
Another article is very interesting in that it explains the communication techniques used between drivers and their riding mechanics. Unable to hear each other, they devised hand gestures. Driver Joe Matson explained his. A feature article titled, "Speedway Opening Today Big Event," provides an excellent overview of the plans for the day's events. A sidebar discusses the gold-plated Overland Automobile Company promotional vehicle that the firm planned to put up as a prize in 1909 for the driver recording the fastest mile during that season.

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