Lozier to IMS

Published in the July 16, 1909 Indianapolis Star, this article reports that Lozier had entered cars for the upcoming first automobile race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the next month. The Lozier brand had won acclaim for its success in the 24 hour "grinds" played out on dirt horse tracks that were popular in the day, especially at Brighton Beach. The article does not reveal the number of Lozier cars but a subsequent story reports that it involved two cars, one four cylinder machine, the other six.
The article also summarizes the costs of racing at the Speedway, mingling the cost to the track founders and the race teams. This is information tracks with what was presented in another Star article. They estimated that the track construction up to that time cost $390,000. As for the race teams, they estimated that while smaller cars could cost $3,000 but most of the machines would "run above that price." Special cars, the article says, such as Fiat, Benz, Christie and Darracq would run as much as $20,000 or even more. The reporter projected 100 or more entries would be attracted to the new Speedway.

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