Wheatley Hills Trophy!

Ray Harroun, first winner of the first Indianapolis 500 also drove his Marmon 32 to victory on the Long Island Motor Parkway course in a support race to the Vanderbilt Cup called the Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes October 30, 1909. This is an image of the trophy Harroun won as a result of his triumph.
Below is the caption that originally appeared with the photograp in the December 5, 1909 Indianapolis Star.
"The Wheatley Hills Sweepstakes trophy, won by Ray Harroun driving a Marmon car in the recent race over the Vanderbilt course on Long Island, is now on exhibition in the collection of race tropies at the Marmon salesrooms. It is the largest trophy in the collection, and is valued at $1,500."

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