Bourque's Death

This is a tough photo but historically significant. It depicts the scene as officials gathered around driver William Bourque after his fatal accident during the first day of auto racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The image first appeared in the Indianapolis Star on August 20, 1909.
Bourque and his riding mechanic, Harry Holcomb, who also perished in the accident went down in history as the first fatalities at the storied Speedway. The car was a Knox Automobile Company entry. The men had scored a victory in the third race of the day, a five-mile sprint.
Here are some observations on the photo. You can see Bourque's head, face up, lying on the ground at the center of the huddle of men. His legs and feet can be distinguished as well. Note that to the left of the photo there is a national guard soldier, just one of many who were hired to maintain order at the track.

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