Start of Race 3 @ IMS

This image first appeared in the Indianapolis Star on August 20, 1909, and depicts the starting field for the third race ever held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The day prior to the publication, August 19, was the first day of auto racing at the Speedway.
The photo became more significant later in the day when during the fifth race of the day, the Prest-O-Lite 250, both the driver and riding mechanic who can be seen in the foreground (car number 3) became the first fatalities at the historic track. The driver was William Bourque who with riding mechanic Harry Holcomb suffered the fatal accident just past the exit of turn four in the vicinity of a suspension bridge for fans to cross the track from the outer edge to the infield.
Bourque, driving a Knox Automobile Company entry, won this event.

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