Leigh Lynch (1910)

This image of driver Leigh Lynch originally appeared as a photo in the May 29, 1910, Indianapolis Star. The photo supported an article reporting on the race results for the second day of racing (May 28) for the May 1910 race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. These races were part of the Memorial Day Weekend that included "national championships," a newly-announced distinction by the American Automobile Association (AAA) for select race meets. Car manufacturers were keen to make a great showing. 
Check out other articles that provide additional summaries on the results of the races staged the previous day (May 27). You can also find an article published May 28 that set the stage for the day's program elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
The Star ran several articles on racing at the new Brickyard the previous day. I suggest you reference them to attain a more complete picture of this incredible day of racing.

The fifth, final and feature race of the day was the $10,000 Wheeler-Schebler Trophy. The first three finishers were: Ray Harroun (Marmon "Wasp"); Leigh Lynch (Jackson); Johnny Aitken (National "60"). Winning time: 2:46.31.00. This was a new American speedway record for the distance. Lynch made an impressive drive through the 19-car field. He was placed thirteenth at 10 laps but up to second by lap 30. Lynch used a conservative but determined race strategy similar to Harroun's which enabled him to drive the entire contest without a pit stop. The Jackson driver averaged just under 71 MPH for the 200 miles.
Lynch is probably best known for the race he did not win, at least officially. That would be the tragic inaugural Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race staged at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during its first auto race meet in August 1909. Lynch was leading handily when officials called the event off with just 65 miles remaining. In a bizarre ruling that would not be tolerated today or even just a few years later the contest was considered canceled and no prizes, cash or otherwise were awarded. His team, from the Jackson Automobile Company, filed a lawsuit and was subsequently banned from the sport for several months by the heavy-handed AAA.

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