National Ad

This ad by the National Motor Vehicle Company was placed in the Sunday, August 15, 1909 Indianapolis Star. Strange as it may sound the feature I like about this content the most is the address of the company's building - Twenty-second Street and Monon R.R. in Indianapolis. It's wonderful that the building still exists and you can find a story and images at Historic Indianapolis.
I have always been a bit confused over Arthur C. Newby's exact role at National. Was he a founder? Was he president? I am sure some research could reveal the answer but it is clear to me he was a driving force or the driving force behind the company - and clearly its human face.
Newby was one of the four founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway but probably his crowning glory in auto racing was National's victory in the 1912 Indianapolis 500 with Joe Dawson at the wheel. Another major moment in the sport was their 1905 24 hour record run at the Indiana State Fairgrounds mile oval with drivers Jap Clemens and Charlie Merz at the wheel. As a side note the track was illuminated with hundreds of Prest-O-Lite headlights affixed to the wood rail fences. Prest-O-Lite was another of Fisher's companies which he also founded with Jim Allison another Speedway founder.
Note that the ad is a cooperative placement with the Fisher Automobile Company, the dealership owned by co-Speedway founder Carl Fisher. The National factory was on the Monon and Fisher's dealership showcased the cars on "Automobile Row" in downtown Indianapolis. As for the ad it provides useful information to anyone wanting to learn about this particular car's specifications.

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