Prest-O-Lite Broadcasting

This image from the 1925 Indianapolis 500 was contributed by Johnny Pappas. It shows a sign affixed to the front of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway press and judges' stand that credits the Prest-O-Lite Company sponsorship of a radio broadcast of the race. 
Media outlets involved were WFBM radio (Indianapolis), the Indianapolis News, WGN (Chicago), and the Chicago Tribune. The Merchant Heat & Light Company also lent support for the programming. This was probably the second live radio broadcast of the race, as in-period sources indicate there was coverage the previous year. It is unclear whether this was flag-to-flag coverage, but that is doubtful as it most likely included music programming during the day.
Microphones were posted at various locations throughout the grandstands. This was to capture cheers from spectators in reaction to developments in the race. Quin Ryan, a nationally-known announcer of a variety of sports, including baseball, football, and horse races, led the broadcast team.
Another feature of the Prest-O-Lite program was a luncheon at the factory across the street from the track. Prest-O-Lite dealers, friends, family and members of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)  who were planning their annual meeting at attended. SAE planned a meeting of their members in French Lick the day after the race. Note that by this time Prest-O-Lite was no longer owned by its founders, Carl Fisher, and Jim Allison. They became multi-millionaires by selling the business to Union Carbide in 1917.

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