Strang Breaking Records

This image first appeared in the December 19, 1909, Indianapolis Star as part of that day's coverage of the first time trials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after the 2.5 mile oval was paved with 3.2 million bricks. During this era, daring drivers who pushed their cars to the limits of speed were known as scorchers and nobody was better than the man pictured here, Lewis Strang. This was never more true than when he was at the wheel of this 200 HP Fiat - the same machine he used to scorch the new speedway at Atlanta the previous month when he established several new American speed records.
This picture is of Strang screaming down the front stretch of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on a very frigid day where the temperatures barely reached 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Strang helped crush the Atlanta records and re-establish the Speedway as the fastest venue in America at the time. The story of Strang's "Giant" Fiat appears elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
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