Baltimore-Washington Speedway

Here's another research product provided by First Super Speedway Contributor Ken Parrotte. The date was July 11, 1925 and the track was located in Laurel, Maryland. Peter DePaolo in the #12 Dusenberg won the 250 mile race from the pole position at the Baltimore-Washington Speedway. Be sure to check out Ken's research on the top 25 board track auto racers elsewhere on First Super Speedway.
Note this contribution from First Super Speedway follower Alex Flax. "Found it in a 2012 Baltimore Sun article: "Approximately 300 acres was bought from J.W. Staggers, of Laurel, in 1924, in the area that today is approximately at the intersection of Routes 197 and 198, just a stone's throw from the existing Laurel Park racetrack. " the Washington Post said of the track when it opened, 'Never level and in places almost up and down, it is the arena of sixteen speed-crazed drivers, out on a Roman holiday to entertain the populace and in so doing to lower the world's speed records."

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