Happy Birthday, First Super Speedway!


We are proud to share that First Super Speedway (FSS) was brought into the world 10 years ago today! In that time we have amassed the world's largest consolidated collection of in-period primary research into the history of American auto racing prior to 1920. You just can't go anywhere else in the world to find a larger cache of informative and entertaining content on this important history.
This era shaped the fundamental organizing principles and traditions of the sport still vibrant today. Whether you are a journalist, author, historian, researcher, or motorsports aficionado, this site is indispensable. Dig into our repository and you will find volumes of stories about the earliest days of American auto racing, the Indianapolis 500, the early oval track and road course racing, barnstorming, the races held at Speedway prior to the first "500," the first French Grand Prix, and so much more. We even have complete vintage books such as biographies about Carl Fisher and Fred Wagner, the first starter of the Indianapolis 500 who started many other races including the Vanderbilt Cup.
We say without hesitation that you simply cannot find more information anywhere about Ray Harroun, Johnny Aitken, Barney Oldfield, Dario Resta, Herb Lytle, Louis Chevrolet, Ernie Moross, Art Newby, Frank Wheeler, James Allison, and other terrific drivers and personalities of the age. Enjoy, too, original art by the talented David Story, as well as original articles by FSS Founder and Owner, Mark Dill.