Oldfield Barnstorming 1909

This package contains two articles, both of which I believe are from 1909. The article that talks about Barney Oldfield's perparations for a race meet at the Montgomery, Alabama fairgrounds track is almost certainly from 1909. The other, from an event in Erie, Pennsylvania, is probably from the same year, but I am not as confident. In the Montgomery article there is an interesting passage about driver Ben Kirscher and his car, the Darracq that won the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup with Louis Wagner at the wheel.
Although the article positions Kirscher as a big rival to Oldfield, he was actually an employee of the legendary driver with the general agreement that while the race would be close, but would always prevail in the end. The image at the top of the first page I recognize as from from the Indianapolis Star and it captures Oldfield winning the Remy Brassard 25 mile sprint race from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's first race meet in August 1909. This illustrates the haphazard way the Oldfield scrapbook was assembled, with no notations of dates or sources. Materials clearly from as much as ten years apart were comingled on the same page. I'm grateful for the resource, but a little frustrated by its organization.

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