Christmas 1909: Oldfield at Ascot

Barney Oldfield apparently appeared at Ascot Park in Southern California on Christmas 1909. This content is better referred to as a "clip" than an article. It is a fragment of an article supplemented by some images. Still, it conveys enough information to know that it was originally published December 26, 1909 and that a race meet attended by some 7,000 people marveled at Barney Oldfield in his Knox defeating Ben Kirscher in the Darracq that won the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup with Lewis Wagner at the wheel. Kirscher worked for Oldfield, who, with his managers Ernie Moross and Will Pickens organized staged races in their barnstorming tours. These events were nonetheless still plenty dangerous as the drivers still pushed the cars at least close to their limits with primitive tires and brakes that too frequently malfunctioned.

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