Oldfield's Antics & Driving Whipple's Stearns

In yet another example of the general messiness of the Barney Oldfield scrapbook, this collection mingles articles from 1904 and 1908. The first article on the left of the first page is about what the unnamed newspaper claims is the first auto race in San Diego. Who knows if it is true, but because it mentions Oldfield on the Winton Motor Carriage Company Bullet No.3. Another article is the most amusing in that it describes Oldfield getting into a fight with some "liquored-up drunks" who were riding in a wagon pulled by a horse. Oldfield was with his wife Bess as well as a friend, Harry Alexander. This article also mentions the first name of Oldfield's mechanic Charles Graham. Graham is mentioned in other records, but rarely with his first name. The articles from 1908 focus on Oldfield and the other drivers utilizing Stearns cars. Oldfield drove Harlan Whipple's Stearns stock car in the treacherous Briarcliff, New York road race in 1908.

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