Oldfield in Stearns for 1908

This is another messy collection of clips from Barney Oldfield's scrapbook. Mingled together are articles from 1908, 1903 and 1904. The most important article appears on the first page and focuses on the arrival in Minneapolis of Barney and Bess Oldfield in one of two Stearns cars, as well as his manager (referred to as his "secretary" in this article) Ernie Moross and teammate Charles Soules in the other one. This article is most certainly from 1908 as Oldfield ran a series of barnstorming contests that year with Walter Christie (who is also mentioned) in his innovative Christie front-wheel drive creation and Oldfield drove a Stearns at the big 1908 road race in Briarcliff, New York.
There is a smaller article referencing the Briarcliff race in this collection as well. Other, smaller articles reference Oldfield with Winton Motor Carriage Company. Charles Shanks, a Winton executive, comments on the likelihood of Oldfield breaking records at Ingleside, California horse track in one of the articles. Oldfield raced at Ingleside in the Winton Bullet II in November 1903. Also, there is a reference to Oldfield racing the Bullet II in the elimination trials for the James Gordon Bennett Cup. That was an interesting situation in that Alexander Winton had fired Oldfield, but brought him back to try for the Gordon Bennet Cup. That attempt was aborted due to mechanical problems and the U.S. international governing body (Automobile Club of America - ACA) refused to approve his entry in what was at the time the biggest auto race in the world.

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