Oldfield Accident - Bess Oldfield Injured

This is an interesting grouping of articles that I believe are from 1908. The item on preparations for the Briarcliff Trophy (New York) is definitely from 1908 because the drivers listed in that event (including Emanuel Cedrino, who was killed a month later in an auto race at Pimlico), were the competitors of that year. An interesting article about a street accident involving Barney Oldfield, his wife and five other passengers has a somewhat misleading headline which is actually reporting on a separate accident involving a train. While Barney was not seriously injured, his wife absorbed a cut over one eye and deep bruises to her back that kept her in the hospital for several days. The accident took place near Lowell, Massachusetts, where the somewhat moody Oldfield is quoted as retiring from auto racing - as a result of the accident that injured his wife - in one article, and then, in another, denies the report and talks of purchasing additional race cars. As far as the street accident is concerned, Oldfield denies he was speeding. If you believe that, I've got some great blue sky property 30 miles off the coast of North Carolina I'd be happy to sell you for a bargain.

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