Harroun Wins Atlanta 120

This image appeared in the November 12, 1909 Indianapolis Star. It ran in association with an article covering the third day of racing at the inaugural race meet for the newly constructed two-mile, red clay Atlanta Speedway. Pictured in the image are Marmon driver and engineer Ray Harroun (left) and his riding mechanic, Julius Heinemann.
The 120-mile race started with only four cars - Chevrolet (Buick "30"); Harroun (Marmon "32"); Charles Basle (Renault) and Joe Matson (Chalmers-Detroit). Harroun's car was the same machine that won the Wheatley Hill Sweepstakes, a support race for that year's Vanderbilt Cup.
As he did on opening day, Chevrolet dominated in the early going putting Basle and Matson down by a lap by the 10th tour of the course. Also as on opening day his engine caught fire and this time he lost two laps to Harroun. This was at 25 miles.
Chevrolet returned to the fray only to see his engine burst into flames again by mile 40. Harroun led Matson by a mile at this point. Matson slowed and slipped steadily behind although holding second place. Chevrolet and Basle trailed. Harroun never stopped and won the race with a time of 1 hour, 49 minutes, 26.4 seconds. Matson was second, Basle third with the Buick trailing. Basle and Chevrolet were a whopping 18 miles in arrears.

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