Marmon History & 32 Speedster

This is an interesting magazine article I stumbled across during an "ogranic Web search" for information on Marmon cars. It is a feature story from the now defunct "Car Life" magazine and by the original file name may have been published in 1963. The story starts with good information about the earliest days of the company dating back to the founding of Nordyke & Marmon agricultural milling machinery business of which patriarch Daniel W. Marmon was a principal. It continues with the evolution to the Marmon Motor Car Company by Daniel's sons Walter and Howard. The story spends much of its word count analyzing and explaining the technology and features of the Marmon 32 speedster that was the foundation for the Marmon "Wasp" that won the first Indianapolis 500 Mile Race with driver Ray Harroun. The number of the Wasp - 32 - was a marketing tactic.

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