Wheeler, Moore and Fisher Automobile Co.

This is a tiny item but I think it is important. It is an example of a weekly Sunday morning news digest printed in the Indianapolis Star that summarized developments in the local automotive market for the week. There are three items - these are merely sentences - that reference both Indianapolis Motor Speedway founder Frank Wheeler and Fisher Automobile Company manager Frank Moore. This article was pubished in the October 27, 1907 edition of the Star and further establishes an ongoing relationship between Wheeler and Carl Fisher well in advance of the founding and construction of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I also value references to Moore who apparently became the leading operations executive for Fisher Automobile as Carl Fisher expanded his empire into Prest-O-Lite, real estate, aviation, boating and eventually the first modern Speedway. Have patience, skim through the digest and you will catch two references to Wheeler and one on Moore.

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