Hoosier State Auto Industry Power - 1910

The Indianapolis News article contained in the attachment below provides some excellent insights to the state of the automotive industry in Indiana on the day it was published - January 22, 1910. In 1909, the article reports that 74 automotive industry firms were established. Forty-Five Indiana factories were projected to produce 35,000 cars in the coming 12 months. Those statistics made Indiana second only to Michigan in automobile construction.

The combined capital stock of the 74 new companies was $7,725,500. Four established firms increased their capital stock by $1,785,000. The combined total, exceeding $9 M accounted for 1.3 percent of total value of all personal and corporate property of the state. There was one insurance company, the Automobile Insurance Company of Indianapolis, which was capitalized at $1,000,000. Among those on the list of automobile business were service garages and dealerships. 
The companies capitalized at $100,000 or more were listed in the article.*

More useful, albeit esoteric, information is provided in the final two paragraphs of the attached article. The established auto-related companies increasing their capital stock during 1909 included:

The article closes with some interesting assertions. It says Indiana ranked second in the country in terms of number of automobile factories. However, it is rated fourth in terms of the value of the cars produced. Michigan was number one with New York and Ohio second and third. The average value of each Indiana-built car was $1,200.

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