Overland Advertising - 1909

This adveritsement of an Overland automobile by the Fisher Automobile Company appeared in the Sunday, December 12, 1909 Indianapolis Star. This ad is significant because it provides a quick summary of facts - or at least claims. Check these out:

  • The company claimed it produced more automobiles per year than any two factories in Indiana.
  • The production forecast for 1910 was 20,000 cars.
  • The company had 5,000 employees.
  • The company had just purchased a new factory in Toledo, Ohio which they claimed was the largest and best equipped in the United States.
  • A gold-plated car would be presented to the driver turning the fastest mile at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
  • The Fisher Automobile Company was located at the corner of Vermont and Capitol Boulevard in Indianapolis.

This article was published just days prior to the December time trials event at the Speedway. Note another cooperative advertisement by the two companies a few months later.

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