Acetylene & Car Production

This is a small digest column item from the April 17, 1909 Indianapolis Star that inludes referenceces to acetylene headlights and national automobile prodution - among other items. I fixed on those two because anything about acetylene or headlights was relevant to Prest-O-Lite, the compressed gas company founded by Indianapolis Motor Speedway founders Carl Fisher and James Allison. Also, since Indianapolis was the second largest car production company in the United States (behind Detroit) even an item from a national perspective about the industry players is relevant.
The acetylene item is essentially a trouble-shooting tip for when the gas headlights cast their light too high. The problem, the item says, is that the gas burner openings were clogged. The auto industry "fun fact" is that at that point in time the report indicates that 290 manufacturers were producing automobiles in the United States.

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