Harry Hartz, 1926

Indianapolis 500 veteran and esteemed car owner Harry Hartz is seen at the wheel here in 1926. Hartz had an amazing career as both a driver and car owner. He drove in six Indianapolis 500-mile races, finishing second three times and fourth twice. He was renowned as a top board track racer, but was severely injured in an accident at Rockingham, North Carolina. 
After his accident, he returned to racing as a car owner, most notably as the winning entry for Billy Arnold in 1930 and Fred Frame in 1932. He was awarded permanent possession of the magnificent  Wheeler-Schebler Trophy in 1932 after winnng it as the owner of the leading car at 400 miles in three successive years - a stipulation of the trophy's deed of trust.
 This rare snapshot is presented here thanks to the Paul Sheedy Collection.

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