Oldfield's Lightning Benz

Barney Oldfield and the Lightning Benz, aka, Blitzen Benz. Oldfield purchased this car in January 1910 with the chief goal of setting a new land speed record on the sands of Daytona-Ormond Beach. This he accomplished in March 1910 when he covered a mile from a flying start in 131.7 MPH.
The speed was nothing short of astonishing for the day as the crusty, cigar chomping driver and his 200 HP chain driven beast had traveled faster than any car, train, airplane or animal on the planet. Oldfield was at the pinnacle of his career and held the distinction of achieving unparalleled velocity. He held the honor for barely a year, when, in 1911, Bob Burman used the same car to hit 141 MPH.
Ever the self-promoting entertainer, Oldfield knew once he set the world record he could tour the country and reap the dividends of a curious public. He took the car to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to set the world mile track record in May, but also traveled to far less glamorous county fairs across the nation.

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