Stars of Indianapolis 500, 1919 Part Two

Check out this image from Motor Age (contributed by auto racing history researcher Ken Parrotte). It shows some of the top stars of the 1919 Indianapolis 500 and was published days before the race. All these drivers were superstars in their era, and many are in halls of fame. There were several champions of the race, all of whom would score their triumphs in subsequent years - Gaston Chevrolet (1920), Joe Boyer (1924), Tommy Milton (1921 and 1923), and, of course, that year's winner, Howdy Wilcox.

From Chuck Thomas

Note Lt. [Art] Klein (3rd bottom row). This uniform portrait was made right after returning from Overseas duty as a pilot at 3rd Aviation Instruction Center (3rd AIC), Issoudun, France.

Check out these links to additional information about these racing greats below. Please note that Cotey and Lewis failed to qualify for the race.
Eddie Hearne
Eddie O' Donnell
Tom Alley
Art Klein
Wilbur D' Alene
Dave Lewis
Andre Boillot
Ira Vail
Roscoe Sarles
William Wayne Brown
Al Cotey
Kurt Hitke 
Omar Toft

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