1906 French Grand Prix

This article was originally published in the June 28, 1906 issue of The Motor World. This is a very strong summary of the first French Grand Prix in 1906 - the first auto racing grand prix in the world. The images associated with this article are quite good, including shots the winner Ferenc Szisz (Renault) and top stars Felice Nazzarro (Fiat) and George Heath (Panhard).
The race was born in contorversy as the Automobile Club of France bucked convention and created their own event because they deemed the international racing rules of the day too limiting to their automobile industry. That's because the previous great race of the world, the James Gordon Bennett Cup, only allowed three entries from each country. With more auto companies than any other country, France felt penalized for their success. Note the article refers as a "frame-up," expressing discontent with the French competition rules. Szisz drove a Renault to victory in the two-day endurance contest.

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