Briarcliff 1909

Despite the concerns expressed over the rough course at the 1908 Briarcliff, New York race there was continued interest in having another race in 1909. News reports continued to indicate that the race would be conducted again. An article in attachment Briarcliff010309 asserted that when it was published in the Indianapolis Star on January 3, 1909 the race was a certainty. The article discussed an apparent debate that had gone on for at least several weeks about the engine size permited for the race which would determine whether or not the race would be open to big European manufacturers or be restricted to American stock cars. Domestic manufacturers successfully persuaded organizers that the race should be a stock car affair but final sign-off was still pending the approval of the race's cup donor, Walter W. Law.
This attachment contains a second article, not about Briarcliff but the Savannah stock car race which was also conducted for the first time in 1908. This article discusses plans for an opening support race for 250 motorcycles. The motorcycles were to use the shorter course that was utilized in the voiturette race the day prior to the American Grand Prize the previous Thanksgiving.
Attachment Briarcliff020709 contains an Indianapolis Star article published February 7, 1909 that announces rule changes for the cars that run counter to those communicated in the above January 3 article. Still pending Walter Law's approval this revised thinking on the engine rules package opened the race up to larger engine capacity (the dimensions can be found in the article) and no restrictions on wheel base. Previously the manufacturers were required that they had constructed and sold at least 10 copies of any given car model but the article indicates that requirment was also dropped.

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