First Indianapolis 500 - 1911

This is a large collection of articles concerning the 1911 Indianapolis 500. This content covers practice and preparation for the event, many featuring the star drivers such as eventual winner Ray Harroun, Ralph Mulford, Bob Burman and Ralph DePlama. Barney Oldfield, who was banned by the AAA during this period and missed the first Indianapolis 500, wrote a racing column and several of his contributions are contained in this folder. Complete race day coverage is yet to be added, but will be included them in the future.

This article was published in the May 31, 1911 Indianapolis Sun. This is a fine race report that discusses much of the detail of the first Indianapolis 500. It also presents a nice summary of the winnings of the top ten finishers. However, these were the unofficial standings. After a review of records on May 31, Marmon driver Joe Dawson was inserted among the top ten finishers in fifth place.

This article was originally published in the May 31, 1911 Indianapolis Sun. This is an absolutely wonderful article that interveiws the first four finishers of the first Indianapolis 500. Great snapshots of their mood at the time and their personalities in general. Events of the race are discussed. Also, winner Ray Harroun officially announced his retirement from racing. He had retired the year prior, but this time the 29-year-old champion kept his word.

This article was originally published in the May 31, 1911 Indianapolis Sun. This brief article provides interesting insights into the concessions that were offered at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the first Indianapolis 500. Ham sandwiches, fruit, pies, well water and lemonade were standard fare. The large crowd consumed more than anticipated and courriers were sent to Indianapolis for more supplies. Prices soared as box lunches that normally sold for 15 cents went for 75 cents.

This article was publishcd June 1, 1911 in the Indianapolis Sun. This is an important article that provides the official results of the first Indianapolis 500 after the timing and scoring confusion produced by the lap 87 home stretch wreck. Juxtapose this with the report from the day earlier to reconcile the unofficial with the official.