Harroun Was the Favorite

These articles were published in the May 30, 1911 Indianapolis 500. One point the comes ringing through in reading the Indianapolis newspapers from May 1911 is how widely respected Ray Harroun and the Marmon team were prior to the first Indianapolis 500. This is one of several articles that underscores both the popularity and respect afforded Harroun, who the betting community saw as the favorite to win the event. And they were right.
Another interesting point is a small item on page 2 of this two-page PDF file that discusses the romance of driver Harry Knight with Jennie Dollie, Hungarian dancer. Apparently, her agreement to marry him was contingent on him earning big money in the Indianapolis 500. I'm not sure if the two every had their nuptials, but Knight got tangled in the most spectacular accident of the race when he swerved to avoid when Joe Jagersberger's riding mechanic Leo Anderson fell out of their Case racer after the machine broke its steering mechanism. Knight swerved to avoid the stunned man and ended up slamming into the parked cars of Herb Lytle and Caleb Bragg.

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