"Faster Than a Man Can Think"

These articles from the Oldfield scrapbook may be from 1906 - I continue to try to source them. There are two artilces in this package, one that profiles Barney Oldfield and another that interviews his manager, Ernie Moross. In the Oldfield profile an unnamed University of Chicago Professor is referenced as saying that a speed of a "mile-a-minute" (60 mph) is faster than a man can think. Humoruous by today's standards, but can be taken more seriously when considering the cars of the day, including Oldfield's notorious Peerless Green Dragon, had largely ineffective primitive brakes and a less than immediately responsive steering mechanism. Sixty miles per hour was plenty fast in those cars. In the Moross interview you gain insights to his role in stirring up interest in far flung towns that passed through. It is probably safe to say that Moross ghost-wrote most of these articles as you read different accounts from different papers with much the same text.

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