Oldfield Rail Car & AAA Champion Quote

This content was lifted from the Barney Oldfield scrapbook. Like most of the material from that source, the name of the newspaper that originally published it, as well as the date, was snipped from the clipping. This is a collection of five articles and all appear to be from 1906.
Portions of the first article are in such tough shape you cannot even read them with a magnifying glass. However, enough of it is legible and the content so rare it is well worth keeping. This article explains how Oldfield used a rail car much like today's race teams use transporters to not only haul his cars from town to town but to work on them as well. Inside the rail car were tools and machinist equipment. The mechanics tore the cars down en route to races.
Other articles discuss Oldfield's role in the Broadway play, "The Vanderbilt Cup," with his partner Tom Cooper and actor Elsie Janis. The play, a comedy, is described briefly in the articles and from these the reader can learn that Ms. Janis plays the niece of a millionaire who introduces her to racing.
As an important side note, Oldfield is quoted as saying he won the AAA points championship of the previous year (1905) offering more validation of the "Lost Championship of 1905." This reference can be found on the sixth page of the attached six page PDF and the Oldfield quote is, "But it was a good season I made money and won the championship of America which was awarded me a month ago."

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