Tom Taggart - the French Lick Connection

Among the most influential people in Indiana during the era of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's construction was Thomas Taggart, a former mayor of Indianapolis and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Taggart, along with millionaire friend and business associate Crawford Fairbanks, also owned the French Lick Springs Hotel. Taggart's influence probably played an important role with Carl Fisher in getting him to consider French Lick as the site of his giant race track when it was still just a concept in Fisher's vast imagination.
Attachment TaggartCar040709 reports that Taggart purchased a $6,000 red automobile that he planned to visit French Lick in. The make of the car the dealership he purchased it from are not reported. He did, however, drive his friend Crawford Fairbanks around Indianapolis in the machine which purportedly could hit speeds in excess of 80 MPH. Taggart reportedly indicated he plan to test that limit on the roads between Indianapolis and French Lick. He named the car "Pluto" which not coincidently was also the brand name of a laxative mineral water sold at his hotel.

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