Vanderbilt Parisian Home

This article, published in the March 7, 1909 Indianapolis Star reports on how William K. Vanderbilt was supporting a team of architects seeking the approval of the Building Commission of the Municipal Council of Paris to make exceptions to their building codes in order to allow an American-style structure to be erected. Seeking to build an American residential quarter in the historic city Vanderbilt and his associates wanted, among other things, to build a "skyscrapper" which required an exception to a policy reportedly in place that only allowed structures to be no more than six stories tall. The article criticizes the French building standards for sanitation and suggests that one of Vanderbilt's goals is to improve the situation.
The article is unclear as to whether the Vanderbilt in question is William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., the founder of the Vanderbilt Cup road race, or his father, William K. Vanderbilt. My guess? It is the senior Vanderbilt.

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