1910 Auto Show Program Developed

This article was originally published on February 4, 1910 in the Indianapolis Star and is a follow-up to a previous article on the same topic published in December 1909. This report indicates that the Indianapolis Auto Trade Association (IATA) had completed plans for the upcoming Indianapolis Auto Show in March. The auto show was unique in that it was dispersed across automobile sales showrooms at individual dealerships because the city lacked the kind of giant convention centers found in New York and Chicago. What Indianapolis had that the other metropolitan venues lacked was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - which was incorporated into the week-long show.
The opening day was set for March 28 with a giant floral parade scheduled for March 30. The floral parade involved the latest model automobiles decorated with flowers. Attractions booked for the Speedway on Thursday were described as the featured events of the week-long show. These were slalom and speed events.
After the Speedway events a second parade - sans flowers - was scheduled. This parade was expected to include new models of cars that had not been introduced to the public before. The display week was to come to an end with a Saturday luncheon. Funds to finance the show were raised by individual membership subscriptions.

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